About the Designer.....

Kimberly Rodgers is the founder of Kiro Design LLC and creator of the sustainable furniture brand, Lost & Found.

She received her bachelor’s degree in interior design accompanied by a minor in Spanish from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2011.  Prior to graduation, she also obtained a LEED Green Associate certification.  During her time at FIT, she was fortunate to travel abroad to several countries.  Through the culture, art and food she was gifted unending inspiration and an insatiable love for travel.

Following graduation, Kimberly worked in a custom design studio where she developed her furniture expertise.  Throughout this experience she had the privilege of designing furniture and working with several high-profile clients.

The long island born turned manhattanite always had a flair for creativity along with a passion for charity.  As the design industry is a luxury service, the creation of Kiro Design allowed for a culmination of creativity, sustainability and charity.  With a love for antiques, modern finishes and sustainability, Kimberly developed the brand that is Lost and Found.  As such both entities, Kiro Design and Lost & Found, give back to charity in some way.

Presently Kimberly is working in a high-end residential firm, while promoting Lost and Found & managing design clients under Kiro Design.

When she is not working, you can find her sketching with an ink pen, planning her next adventure, studying a new language, kickboxing or eating an unnecessary amount of carbs.  Because, besides family, friends, and design; bread and pasta are the pillars of her existence.

Kimberly V.Rodgers